World Changer Entrepreneurs

October 20, 2006

25 Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the World.” This is this year’s list of entrepreneurs awarded “2006 Social Capitalist Awards” by FastCompany.

If these organizations are the ones bringing forth to life social business entrepreneurship (SBE), then indeed they are worth knowing about and learning from.


Social Stock Market

October 20, 2006

Today, I am posting again a link to an idea realized by Muhammad Yunus. I just hope that providing such related links here will help reach some more people onto discovering and reading it.

I will just entitle it “Social Stock Market.” Notice the word “Social” there that sets it apart from the conventional stock market.

It is just actually a section in this article written by Muhammad Yunus entitled “Social Business Entrepreneurs are the Solutions.”
If you’ll have time, I encourage you to read this writing. It talks about redesigning our thinking of business entrepreneurship, adding a new kind — one that woke up and try to capture the essence of a human being.

Ending Global Poverty

October 18, 2006

If you’ll find time again, here’s a video I came across of Mr. Yanus speaking at MIT last September 2005. The video is entitled Ending Global Poverty.

‘peeling off that feeling, the real human being comes out’

October 17, 2006

An interview with Muhammad Yunus about the Grameen Bank, Bangladesh.

An instance of a Grameen Bank in the Philippines

October 15, 2006

Here’s an interview with Fr. Sean Connaughton on his work in the Philippines in setting up a Grameen Bank. It tells some of the experiences and the ways how they implemented it with the people.

Although I do not know yet of the details on how the Grameen Bank or its microcredit program strategize to help support the starting little successes of these small entrepreneurial endeavors of the borrowers, I believe the key here is helping them discover their potentials and providing them education that could help gradually widen their perspective.

For me and for now, I would like to see us Filipinos start learning simple creative products the Japanese have produced and continue to produce.

‘bank had never lent money to an illiterate woman’

October 15, 2006

Normal logic would tell us that business should be profitable. Banks, for its business safety, check borrowers for its capacity to repay loans and as much as possible to have a collateral or guarantor.

Grameen Bank, Bangladesh defies this common sense and puts its faith in the ability and heart of the country’s poorest of the poor. A bank which goes out of its way to find needy people and help them stand up by letting them borrow small capitals.

Here is the story of the bank and that of Mohammad Yunus who come to realize that large problems are composite of a great number of simple problems and as such can be solved by simple people.

This is the lesson, the model, and the concurrent endeavor worthy of our real attention as people of our own nations and people for our world.

Helping companies effectively communicate

October 8, 2006

This ITVJapan interview with Adrian Roche, a marketing manager at a certain advertising company in Japan, provides us a view on the industry need of a service for properly or strategically helping companies present its products to users and to be able to effectively listen and communicate with them.

They have also discussed about bringing and adopting the *innovations* in the US to Japan.

This I agree, I believe there are many *thought realization breakthroughs* in the US that focuses on the need to become an effective provider of products that users needed, users will love using, and users will tell others of it – simply because it works and make them happy using it.