Filipina on ITVJapan

September 30, 2006

I have been watching ITVJapan online interview broadcasts before to hear some views on business topics in Japan by some industry personalities both foreigner and Japanese.

And today I got excited to find out about Antonina Binsol, a Filipina guest on the Asian Connection segment. She is said to be an Assitant Manager at Mizuho Securities now. She was a Monbusho Scholar before and finished a PhD at Keio University.

It’s great to know the NPO organizations she is trying to help organize and facilitate together with some other OFWs from different countries.


What is Investments?

September 5, 2006

Oh, I’ll be starting a new blog, and I’d like to start right away posting. Let me introduce myself later instead. Hehe. One of the subjects I’d like to put thoughts and notes on with is Investments. If you find the subject interesting, please come join me in the learning journey.

I’d like to define Investments as taking part in putting our resources into something bigger that is not within our capacity to establish by ourselves within our given resources, skills, and time. We want to take part in capitalizing a venture. Of course we hope an income return from it.

For me, I think the subject is important because it would allow me to understand how the country’s market or industry works, even how the global market works.

I am reflecting as to why philanthrophists like that of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and our very own Filipino John Gokongwei have given up their fortunes to serve the common good at a later point in their life rather than along the way while they were accumulating them. (Maybe Bill Gates is still young.)

I am also reflecting on my NEC manager’s word then when he said that the capital market industry players are not really creating tangible assets or values.

All in all, I hope to see a world wherein those who are wealthier make good use of their wealth for the people, and that is, while they are still young and not only when they are about to leave this world.