Google Code Search – Launched

October 6, 2006

For programmers, Google launched the Google Code Search. Searching the publicly available codes and yeah, presenting them as source codes, sourcefiles, and related sourcefiles.

To learn how to program, perhaps there’s no other better way than to read source codes and start programming. Explore.


Neat comparision: Java and C# / VB.NET and C#

October 3, 2006

Here is a quick and a neat syntax comparison on Java and C# / VB.NET and C#. You can print it and have as a quick reference near you when a project requires you to use Java or VB.NET and you’re used to C#.

Of course this is just syntax, there are still a lot to learn about each other’s framework’s principles and APIs. Talking about the J2SE/J2EE and the .NET.

I will be working in India

September 9, 2006

Oh, not me for that matter. “India attracts Western tech talent reports about companies like Infosys Technologies starting to train new graduates from leading US universities for work in their company in India.

Related to this turning of events, do you remember the Thomasites teachers sent by the US to teach Filipinos and establish educational system? Sure the opposite is taking place now. When do you think will that time come where Filipino professionals abroad return to their country like the newly graduate Chinese in US universities to China?

For the present, there may be a good way where Filipinos abroad could make a difference to the Filipinos not only through remittances. What do you think would that be? I hope I know the answer.

Starting point to India’s IT Industry

September 9, 2006

Many countries can learn from India’s I.T. Industry, and that includes of course the Philippines.  National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) of India is a good starting point to know success stories, startup companies, human resource development, government policy and a lot more resources.

Looking for developers?

September 9, 2006

Why is Joel so articulate and *more right* in his insights about software development and the people that composes it? In his recent writing entitled “A Field Guide to Developers“, he discussed topics about what attracts *great* developers.

Also in one of the forums there, one question asks why you visit Joel on Software. I think my answer would be because I seem to reverberate with that of Joel Spolsky’s beliefs, not beliefs I believe he originates, but one of those things I love to call “essential and right things generally not yet eloquently expressed, but felt and longed by the heart.

Don’t you think this *value for the people* is a winning strategy for any organization?