‘Allow them to daydream’

October 8, 2006

ITVJapan presents interview with Tony Buzan. He talked about how generally we were trained not to think. The school system we have been put into, started as exciting when we were a child where we were allowed to play (and life is colorful and fun) and ended up curtailing creativity when it forced us to adopt to its flawful measuring system.

It seems to remind us with that saying, ‘never let schooling interfere with education.’


Google Code Search – Launched

October 6, 2006

For programmers, Google launched the Google Code Search. Searching the publicly available codes and yeah, presenting them as source codes, sourcefiles, and related sourcefiles.

To learn how to program, perhaps there’s no other better way than to read source codes and start programming. Explore.

Bring Your Company Home

October 5, 2006

Filipinos are global. Thanks to the state of our country, the seemingly endless difficulties. Filipinos exists in every corner of this world. Filipinos abroad strived, and a many succeeded.

Now, to those who have made it well in companies abroad, what about introducing the country to your company as a possible location to establish, say a subsidiary, where some of your company’s operation can be done.

You can also contact schools and local organizations to mention your skill needs or expected of a graduate. You can also advice schools to make them more focused too to the possible demands.

Maybe it’s time we start think of ways where we can transform into cycle the movements of Filipinos abroad rather than just a one-way direction. Just imagine how the Indians moved to the US before and then how they were able to bring home afterwards the companies they are working with.

Helping the Country Not Through Job Creation

October 5, 2006

Eversince, what I always here from my Philippine Government and business leaders in the country is the push to attract foreign investments into the country. Special tax-reduction programs, BOT, special trade zones, and the like.

I didn’t mean this is not good, it is in fact necessary for every nation per se.

Yet, I have thought, why I haven’t heard a lot of a push in the lines of “helping the nation through creation of real quality products.”

You know what, back centruies ago, nation like Japan sent missions of people in Europe to learn how to construct better roads, better medicine, better industrial processes – you know, things they could learn and build upon in there home country.

Before I really find it funny how the Japanese are so so meticulous, not stopping to think of how to improve things, even small small things, like innovations in cooking, in simple home cooking, in small kitchenwares, in small bathroom utilities, in program shows in TV that not only offer to entertain but also a touch of educational trivias.

Do you believe there is a way to create quality products at a cheaper cost and consequently at acheaper price for the people? If we want this, we need to think, to be creative, and to try. Let us learn even little things wherever we may find them, take note of them, and think of how we can adopt it to the Philippines. Think of how we can emulate it, improve it.

Imagine, if we have companies in the Philippines that offer quality product at a cheaper price or affordable and fair price for the people, we help the country. Importantly, we can help our fellow Filipinos.

One more thing, maybe this is worth another thorough reflection, but allow me to just state it here now, “business enterprises – goal is not profit alone but helping the people who uses the product through quality and fair price.

How to Run the Japan Government

October 5, 2006

As we heard of the news of the newly elected Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, now we might want to look at his newly formed cabinet.

We heard from the news too recently that Abe wants a strong PM office and his plan on tech-lead growth strategy. He also said that he wants the PM office to be in a form like that of the White House.

But what caught my attention and the thing we could learn from is the different ministry offices that compose this new cabinet. From here, we can have a general understanding how a government or in this case, the new Japan Government has to be run. Here again are the ministry offices. It reflects major areas of concern the governement has to tackle.

Neat comparision: Java and C# / VB.NET and C#

October 3, 2006

Here is a quick and a neat syntax comparison on Java and C# / VB.NET and C#. You can print it and have as a quick reference near you when a project requires you to use Java or VB.NET and you’re used to C#.

Of course this is just syntax, there are still a lot to learn about each other’s framework’s principles and APIs. Talking about the J2SE/J2EE and the .NET.

Graduate School

October 1, 2006

If I will be pursuing graduate school later on, what’s dear to my heart to study on is the field of Economics. I find it just so important and interesting.

I would love to aim entering the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Economics – Finance Program. I skimmed through its history, program features, curriculum, and mission and its just that I feel they are so well appropriate, relevant and well connected to the real world application. You can read there too endorsement insights of some of the world’s famous researchers in Finance and Economics.

There admission requirements for the 2-year Masters degree doesn’t seem to be beyond possibility as like that of their engineering programs when I checked it out before.

So well, if you find the field worth learning too, you may check-out their curriculum content to get an idea what are the subjects to be covered and how it may be used in the real world.